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How to prevent the Korean alphabetas being detached in Hangeul filenames

How to prevent the Korean alphabetas being detached in Hangeul filenames

When you transfer files between macOS and Windows, filenames in Hangeul (Korean alphabet) may experience that their consonants and vowels are detached from each other on Windows. It is beacuse macOS by default uses NFD for the Unicode representation of filenames.

Please visit the link below to learn more about the text representation of Unicode filenames.

Help » How to change the Unicode normalization form used for filenames

Convert to NFC filenames

Use BandiNamer for macOS to convert your filenames to NFC, and prevent the consonants and vowels in Hangeul filenames from being detached form each other on Windows.

BandiNamer >

  1. Run BandiNamer and first, add any folder to the Favorites list. If you have no idea which folder you should add to the list, it is recommended to select your home folder.

  2. Navigate to the folder where your files are located, check the Unicode forms of the filenames, select the files you want, and then click the "Convert to NFC" button.

  3. Open the folder and transfer the converted files.


If you copy & paste the converted files to another folder or rename the files on the Finder, the Unicode forms revert to NFD.